IPSmart is a leading analog & mixed-signal Intellectual Property (IP) solution providlab1er. IPSmart specializes in high performance data converters (ADC & DAC) IP.  With its proprietary and patented architectures, IPSmart delivers state of the art ADC & DAC with features of high speed, low power and compact area. IPSmart's high performance IPs enable your SoC needs for consumer electronics, wired & wireless communication, bio-medical, Internet of Things (IoT) and image sensing applications.


IPSmart teaIC4m has over fifty first pass success experience for various foundries and process including 28nm and 16nm advanced nodes. In additional to a complete portfolio of ADC and DAC, IPSmart offers customized design of VGA, Filter,  ADC driver, Power Management functional IP design to enable your complete sub-system Analog Front End (AFE) requirements. 


IPSmart is located in National Tsinghua University Incubator Center in Hsinchu, Taiwan. We aspire to partner with you to develop critical data converter IP for 28nm, 16nm and beyond.